Bledisloe 1 2017 – Preview

2017 Bledisloe

Wallabies need to lose

Nothing but a loss will serve the Wallabies long term prospects. A win would only give the team a false sense of progress. We have a new (old) captain and the combinations are still not settled.

It will be interesting to see how the Foley + Beale combination performs and whether Coleman + Arnold will live up to the hype.

What I am particularly worried about is the scrum, lineout and the back 3. Firstly the scrum. Is our fairly fresh tight 5 up to the task of getting a solid, steady base. I often think our rugger boys are at a hiding to nothing and really should just treat the scrum like the Japanese do. That is to say, get the ball in and get it out quickly. Secondly, the lineout is an ongoing struggle for all of teams, however there is light at the end of the tunnel. All too often it’s the hooker that cops the blame for poor lineouts, but what about the jumpers? Have we been approaching it wrong all this time? Lifting came back into lineouts at the start of the professional era with the return of the Boks to the international scene. Now, it’s normal for a hooker to throw a ball in at lineout time, but that’s not mandated by law. Nor is it just forwards that are allowed to compete at the jump. So here’s my suggestion. Get Genia in there and have Coleman or Arnold throw him up Ballet style, up so high that all Hooper (new thrower) has to do is lob it in!? Worth a shot.

As for the back 3? What can I say… Put Izzy on the wing, get Beale out to 15 and train up Hodge for 12. Him and Beale can flit back and forth between 12 and 15 and act as our secondary play makers and backups for Foley. Foley could then be free to run a bit more.

Chase your kicks people.


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