The chip and chase

Hello there,

My name is Ivan. I am the instigator of this blog.

Before you ask, the name of the blog is an homage to the irritation the other members around me feel as I always yell out “Chip n chase” whenever the Rebels hit the attack. Oh yeah. I’m a Rebels member, so be warned, this blog is going to be unashamedly from a Melbourne rugby point of view. And why the hell not? Melbourne has a long association with the sport and now more than ever, we are striving to build it and make it successful at the provincial level.

So let’s keep the intro brief. A few of my opinions, which I will write about in more depth later on, and in no particular order:

  • Offside is poorly enforced, and all loose forwards should have tracking chips embedded under their skin.
  • The uniformity, consistency and quality of refereeing in world rugby is woeful.
  • Aus rugby teams should learn to kick, and then avoid doing it at all costs.
  • No rugby in Melbourne should ever again be played at Docklands.
  • The Western Force did not deserve the chop.
  • Our chance for world domination was lost in 2003.
  • The Dewar Shield is an excellent competition.
  • If Australian rugby is to reign again at the top of the world, we need a truly national plan of attack. A coherent coaching structure and a unified approach to how we play and how we develop players.

Anyhow, that’s much more than enough to be getting along with.

Chase your kicks people.


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