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Done over in Dunedin

One week after being slaughtered in Sydney by the All Black’s, the Wallabies have been done over by Nigel Owens at the stadium formerly known as the house of pain.

There is a school of thought that would suggest the pass from Kieren Read to TJ Perenara was “flat” but as we have the benefit of the replay, we can see that his hands rock forward and the ball travels forward, even if we account for the pace they were collectively travelling at. How no Wallabies saw it, or protested it is beyond me. It’s a good thing the TV can’t yell back is all I’ll say.

Now, with that out of the way, it was a hugely improved Wallabies team effort. Almost worthy of the classic Wallaby efforts from the late 90’s.

It all began with a bang, with Izzy Folau coming of his (sic) wing to intercept after 20 odd seconds. MacKenzie throwing a huge cutout pass that hit Izzy on the chest, almost as if they meant it! #HansieLives. 11 minutes in, it was Hoopers turn to cross and Foley’s at 15.

Eventually, NZ began to string together some phases going forward and again missed tackles by Australia proved costly. To compound handling and tackling woes, the Wallaby scrum was absolutely nowhere this week. The AB’s were able to push us off the ball at will. Two AB converted tries had the score at 17-14 at half time.

The second half was dominated by AB possession and their confidence in turning down opportunities for 3 points, showed they were over the shell shock of the first 15 minutes.

Long story short, the Wallabies missed tackles, missed kicks and then lost.

By far an improved performance, which is much closer to how we expect a Wallaby squad to play. Hard at the opposition and with plenty of attacking and defensive intent. As ever, execution was the let down. All credit to the All Black’s for scraping a win together after being out gunned early.

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