Rugby Football – The teams

There are no rules in Rugby, there are “laws”, as set out but the IRB and published here.

We won’t cover every rule here in detail, that’s for another long series of articles. Instead, well covers the essentials so you, the casual reader, seasoned pro or internet troll can have a fair idea of what’s going on and why in a game of XV’s.

First the teams. Each team consists of 15 players, comprising eight forwards and seven backs. The forwards are grouped as the “Tight 5” and the back row. The naming comes from the binding and positions in the scrum. The backs are made up of the halves, centres, wingers and fullback. Starting with the forwards, the players are numbered in order from 1 to 15 as follows:

1. Loosehead Prop
2. Hooker
3. Tighthead Prop
4. Loosehead Lock
5. Tighthead Lock
6. Blindside Flanker
7. Openside Flanker
8. Number Eight
9. Scrum Half
10. Fly Half
11. Winger
12. Inside Centre
13. Outside Centre
14. Winger
15. Fullback